How to live a life you love

Happiness has many faces.
And most of us have our own visions and goals of what makes our hearts sing.
For me, an essential ingredient to make our dreams a reality is to have a place we call home.
To be able to come home to a safe and comfortable space where we can create,
recharge and snuggle up is sweetness in life.
In our current time which brings change more rapidly than we can absorb and adjust too, a nice place to live is necessary.
And to be able to buy a home where we can flourish is one of the best decisions to make.
Money comes and goes.
The stock market goes up and down.
But even if the home prices go up and down it really doesn’t matter unless you want to sell.
When you own your own home you always have a roof over your head and
it is between you and the bank as long as you pay for your mortgage.
The ultimate goal should still be to pay down your loan and own a home free and clear.
In my 30 years as a realtor I have sold thousands of properties here in the SF/Bay Area.
My clients were and are able to have nice retirements, raise families, be creative and productive and even had the luck to build equity as they reduced their mortgages.
I learned the importance of owning a home very early. But it didn’t dawn on me until my early 30s when owning my own home became one of my biggest goals in life.
My grandfather in Germany was an orphan and he worked 7 days a week most of his life. As soon as he could, he bought a 5 unit building where I grew up.
Almost 100 years later my brother and I still own it.
How is that for leaving a legacy!
My other grandparents were small farmers. They bought land where they raised crops and kept a cow, a pig and chickens. My cousins and my 90 year old aunt still live there.
You don’t have to keep the home or building you buy for that long.
In the United States people are much more mobile and many will own more than one home in their lifetime.
But it is important to have the goal of owning your own place to live a life that supports the happiness we are seeking.

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