Friedrich Schiller

We are witnessing huge changes all around us.
Business models are altered and invented that we could not have imagined a few years ago.
New services are offered where need has yet to be created – and created it will be. As soon as we are used to a comfort it becomes a necessity.
I remember the first fax machine in our real estate office. At the time I thought that our personal contact with our clients would get lost.
On the contrary. The conveniences we have now give us more time to dedicate to our clients.
Docusign allows the clients to sign documents at their convenience and on their own time. Once the purpose of the documents has been explained signatures are easily obtained.
The GPS guides us so we only have to concentrate on the traffic and are freed up for conversations rather than thinking about the fastest way to the next property during a home tour.
Texting gives us quick communications that do not need to be talked about, like, I am on my way or, please check your email.
And email is the miracle communication across the world. We can be in contact instantly and send contracts, greetings and anything else imaginable.
I do understand the drawbacks and they can be avoided once we embrace the technology available as an enhancement in the service we offer our clients.
Technology will never replace the personal contact, trust, caring and love for our clients. It just makes some areas of a real estate transaction easier, more convenient and more fun for everybody.

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